Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life Changing Experiences

I'm going to be a dad soon! 
Tracy is under the impression that since we'll be awake from 5AM onwards from then on, it's a perfect time for me to go ride! I'm not complaining but I'm not sure that it will work out that way...

I'm really excited about the prospect of fatherhood! I'd liken it to the feeling you get as you are about to bungee jump for the first time... you know you are going to be fine, but it doesn't help your heart pounding, a cold sweat developing all over your body and that fear "what if the rope breaks"!

We sit on the couch at night and watch this thing that looks like a python in bag writhing and moving around. It looks freaky but is such an amazing experience, I cannot explain the feeling but those with kids who have been through this will know exactly what I mean!

I rode on my own again on Friday morning (check out the route here) after missing Jean and Charl at the gate. I know, I know, but what a ZEN moment when you're in the "Fairy Garden" on your own! I left with 20 minutes to get me the 7 Kms from my garage to the gate at the Tokai Arboretum but after setting out found that I was running on flat! It must be the 7kgs I've picked up in my support eating for my pregnant wife! Well that's my excuse!

So 2 Kms in and feeling flat and fat I realised I was not going to make the rest of the ride if I pushed to meet the guys at the gate so backed off a bit. Good thing I did as I barely made the rest of the ride anyway! If I had managed to catch Charl and Jean on their easy ride before the DC I think I would have left the previous nights dinner somewhere on the mountain. Those two are machines! They got there at 5:45 AM and rode up and 3/4s of the way down in the time it took me to get 1/4 way up. Mad men!

I'll be attempting to kick my ass out of bed early again tomorrow as I think I'm drinking too much and definitely eating WAY too much! I need to burn off this muffin top! Yes I said it - I have a muffin top! Rude I know but, holy crap, where the hell did that come from, I swear it wasn't there yesterday! It's just krept up on me and then, WHAM, attached itself to my rippling six pack hiding it forever! Or until I tame the food and drink and spend more time on my bike than sipping beer!

Hopefully I'll have a positive update tomorrow regarding successfully being able to get out of bed!!

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