Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life Changing Experiences Part 2

Since Part 1 I have become the proudest Father EVER! My wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 2 December 2010. Wow it's been 19 days already!!

He has been brilliant, even the sleepless nights, projectile pooping and making sure his sprinkler system works, repeatedly over everything within a 4 foot radius!

Tracy is also doing very well and we have both taken to parenting very well, if I do say so myself! She is still in pain from her C section but all other vitals are looking very good - she is already an amazing mother!

I keep threatening to go for a 5AM ride after that feed but it's tough when he only goes down at 11 and is up again at 2 and again at 5! I will get it right! I am determined, especially when I'm on paternity leave for the first week in January 2011 - Cannot wait!

I cannot describe the feeling of becoming a parent for the first time. Tracy and I were lying in bed this morning after his feed and just staring at him, watching him sleep, thinking how surreal this all still feels!

I'm learning all sorts of things from breast feeding to bathing the little guy...

Maybe I should change the title of this blog to "Bewildered Fatherhood"!

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