Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I finally managed to wake up at 5 AM this morning to get on my bike, ride to Tokai and have a great ride on as much single track as possible including on the foot paths next to the main roads to get to Tokai. It's about  7KMs to Tokai's gate and then managed about 8KMs in Tokai before I had to head home to do the S.S.S for work.

I was a bit taken a back at how difficult the first 15Kms were but then I started to feel a bit better as i hit the down hill home!

It became crystal clear to me how important that base training is! It doesn't matter what one does on one's bike as long as one is on one's bike for 10 hours a week at least and that's before one starts any training! So, what that means is I need to do it tomorrow and the day after and twice on the weekend for the next 10 weeks or so and I should start to feel better about my cycling again and from there I can start some serious training regime. First I have to get that base layer up and that means lots of early mornings, early evenings and discipline. All of these things I have been seriously lacking the last few months!

The plan for November is to ride at least 10 hours a week!

Can I do it? Who knows but I'm going to try get as much riding in now before the baby comes a long and I need to do midnight feeds etc etc...

This is from this morning's ride:

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